Eastern Region Colt’s Football; The Way Forward

Eastern Region has been among the best regions if not the number one to produce players in Ghana and guess what, all our players end up having birth certificates bearing different Regions and home towns.

Let us adopt to the Isreal style of fighting and make it as expected of us, let’s face the fact and move on.

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The Downfall of Eastern Region Colts Football: it’s being so many years and our noble beloved game which most if not all cherish has not got its better ways.

This is due to what I called “Chop Alone” where one person chooses to spend the association’s money all by himself or among a few groups of equal minds wanting to destroy the future and talents of gifts given by God.

The Way Forward:

  1. We need God-fearing and dedicated people to take the task and sacrifice for the good growth of the Association, hence, colt’s football.
  2. A situation where an individual will merge and become one successful team with equipment and strength; financially and support wise.
  3. We try as much as possible stand by our good action and not being compromised by money

Outcome: with this, I hope Eastern Region Colt’s and Football, in general, will succeed since we possess the great and teal talents.

Long Live Eastern Football

Long Live Ghana Football

Long Live Football

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