‘Paulo Dybala flush outset for March 31’

Paulo Dybala’s lover Oriana Sabatini says the Juventus and Argentina striker has been recommended vitamins and will have another coronavirus flush out next Thursday.

Paulo Dybala is currently self-isolating with Sabatini at their home in Turin after they tested positive for COVID-19, and his girlfriend today gave an update on their condition.

“Now we’re feeling better, but two or three days ago I felt pretty poorly,” she told La100.

“We’ve been in isolation for nine days. The doctors told us they would do another swab on March 31.

“In the meantime, they told us to rest and prescribed us some vitamins to take.”

Sabatini then revealed the extent of the infection she suffered.

“It’s like when you feel the flu is coming, your whole body hurts, you feel tired. I didn’t have a fever because I always measured my temperature and I didn’t have one.

“I heard my lungs make a strange noise, then Paulo started to feel poorly too. The symptoms are flu-like, at least they were for us.”

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